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We are a team of crane hire service experts operating all across the UK, able to provide a wide range of hire equipment for your crane hire needs.

We can work closely with our customers to deliver the right crane hire services for their specific projects in Hornchurch, no matter their industry.

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Why Use Us?

We are an accredited and experienced crane hire company with a wide range of crane hire services to offer in Hornchurch. Boasting a range of certifications from major sources like Constructionline and CHAS, we are able to offer a flawless crane hire service directly to our customer based on their exact needs.

Our Experience

With over 10 years of experience offering excellent service across the UK construction industry, we can leverage our connections with various other major companies to ensure competitive prices and quick services for any projects that we take on.

Our team are all fully trained and equipped for crane hire work in Hornchurch, and know how to meet our customers’ crane hire needs effectively and safely.

Our Efforts

We are a fully-compliant-with-CPA crane hire company that can offer a fleet of cranes on short notice, as well as excellent service and proper adherence to crane hire requirements for each project.

We have records of the lifts and ranges of each of our mobile cranes in Hornchurch, and pride ourselves providing accurate and excellent service in every situation.

Types of Cranes We Offer

There are many crane hire options available in the UK, each usually focused on specific mobile crane types. Our crane hire company offers a huge range of crane options, guiding each of our customers towards the crane hire that would suit their needs best.

All Terrain Crane Hire Hornchurch

All terrain cranes provide a mobile crane hire option that can deal with varied terrain, and are ideal for outdoor use. These are a common choice for lifting operations in rough outdoor areas, or in places where other cranes wouldn’t be able to reach the required location due to poor terrain.

Mobile Tower Crane Hire Hornchurch

Mobile tower cranes are flexible and versatile, offering a high lift height and a good reach that makes them perfect for a lot of different lifting jobs. Our mobile crane hire options are perfect for situations where a crane needs to perform lifts across multiple locations, or for customers who are working on multiple projects in the same area,

City Crane Hire Hornchurch

Our city crane hire options are perfect for work within cities, providing a compact body with incredibly high lifting height and capacity. These are some of the best cranes for conducting lifting operations safely in confined streets or other areas with very limited room to manoeuvre.

Truck Crane Hire Hornchurch

Truck cranes are a mobile crane mounted into a truck chassis, allowing for heavy lifting in a number of vehicle-focused spaces. These work well as part of a vehicle fleet, often being the main lifting tool of a fleet-based company or team.

Crawler Crane Hire Hornchurch

Crawler crane hire options, or “pick and carry” cranes, are made for lifting and transport. These units can transport items over long distances with their better strength and reach, making them an excellent choice of crane hire for wide-open worksites or larger-scope projects.

Heavy Crane Hire Hornchurch

Our heavy crane hire options are built for heavy-duty lifts, and are able to lift and transport heavier items and equipment better. This makes them ideal as mobile cranes for moving larger equipment pieces, or for ensuring safety when the crane is moving a lot in a short timespan.

Electric Crane Hire Hornchurch

Electric cranes are electrically-powered and produce no direct pollution, making them both environmentally friendly and a lot more quiet. They can still lift and transport just as well as many other mobile crane units, but are most useful when there is a constant supply of electricity available.

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Crane Hire Costs Hornchurch

The cost of hiring a crane in the UK tends to vary, with many costing around £2,500 per week to hire. However, this price can fluctuate heavily based on a huge range of factors, such as:

What Can Influence the Price of Crane Hire?

In other words, the more complex a crane hire would be, the more it will cost.

Part of our professional service involves keeping costs affordable for our customers. Our team can work with you to help you find a hire that suits your budget, giving you access to a wide range of cranes that you can afford without having to g beyond your comfort zone.

Benefits of Crane Hire

There are many benefits to crane hire over a direct purchase, such as:

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Who Do We Hire Our Cranes To?

Our crane hire team in Hornchurch can arrange hires to a range of sectors and supply cranes to many industries, including:

We serve as a reliable crane hire company for customers in almost any industry, and can find the ideal crane hire options for their industry needs – whether that’s construction, demolition, training, or anything else that may require a crane in the equipment fleet.

Crane Manufacturers We Use

Here are several of the many crane manufacturers we use:

and more.

Crane Hire vs Contract Lift Hire

Crane hire focuses on the hire of cranes as tools or fleet vehicle equipment, ranging from mobile cranes to tower cranes depending on the situation. These lifting tools can then be used by anybody with training in operating cranes, including personnel already on-site.

Contract lift hire involves hiring an operator with training to do the job alongside the crane hire itself. While this does allow for a more complete mobile crane hire, it also means higher costs, since the operator is also included.

The upfront cost of regular crane hire is cheaper, making it better if you already have at least one person with training in operating cranes. Having somebody trained to operate cranes is less expensive than choosing to continually invest in contract lift hire for your industry in Hornchurch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Crane Do I Need?

It’s important to choose mobile cranes that meet the demands of your project or workspace, which usually means choosing ones that can lift items as far or as high as you would need for that project. Lift weight, lift height and lift range are all relevant statistics to look into, especially when comparing tower cranes that are already built for lifts first and foremost.

Is Insurance Needed For Mobile Crane Hire?

At least some level of insurance is often necessary for UK crane hire. Many hire companies for mobile cranes include insurance within their services, but others may offer insurance as a separate service altogether. If you want to know more about our own insurance services, contact us today to learn more.

How Do I Choose a Crane Capacity?

Choosing the right crane capacity means understanding the needs of the worksite and your vehicle/equipment fleet, and then using that to judge the lifts and capacities of different models.

This can be a complicated process, so give us a call if you need help. We pride ourselves on helping clients find the mobile cranes that they need.

What is the Minimum Length of Crane Hire Service?

Most mobile cranes can be hired for a single day, usually meant for jobs that will be completed in a matter of hours. Note that this may not include the time required for things like a site survey and delivery delays, although we always attempt to provide crane hire as fast as possible.

Niche Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements


Whether you need an entire fleet of cranes to serve as versatile on-site mobile cranes or just need something that meets your specific crane hire requirements, we can provide. Our CPA crane hire team and head office in Hornchurch understand how to deliver the right service for each customer.

We aim to give a competitive quote to every client, using our CPA crane hire LTD expertise to guide them to the best option available. If you want to know more about our service, or are already committed to getting a fleet of cranes for your next project, give us a call and get in contact today.

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"We needed a fleet of cranes for a large project, and they were able to supply that entire fleet quickly and with constant contact. As long as the team can provide crane hire on that scale again, we will definitely approach them again for all-terrain cranes at our next big project."

Ethan Watt
Greater London

"Fantastic service and a lot of contact before and during the hire to make sure everything was fine. Our cranes worked as described and you were able to supply them very quickly. We're very satisfied customers and will be using your service again!"

Thomas Dumont
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